Lake Titicaca

February 2022

First overnight visit to a world-unique Uros Floating Village where everything is made entirely from totora reeds; Then exploration of two remote Titicaca islands with their own peculiar history and culture - Amantani and Taquile.

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Welcome To Slavomir's
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Sine Termino is online photographic blog documenting travels of a young passionate photographer and traveller from Slovakia.

I have travelled Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas regions extensively since 2013, going on a number of several-months long 'supertrips' and several many ones. The trips took me through many countries and allowed me to visit landmarks, to explore various the nature and to engage with local culture and people.

As I have a formal education in Photography, I try to record my visits to the best of my ability and share it with the rest of the world. My photo blog chapters are rich mix of well-known and famous destinations with travels very off the beaten path in some of the most remote regions of the world.

I am putting a special effort on how do I present the places I've visited through my photography. I am not trying to overtly advertise these places but at the same time I hide nothing that I consider important. In the individual chapters I try to present honest percepctions of the specific places and of my impressions when travelling through them.

I really hope that this resource will be useful as to my fellow travellers, so to other photography enthusiasts.

Welcome To Sine Termino,
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