Journey Four / Chapter 6

The Redwoods

September 2021

Walking among the magnificent Coastal Redwood sequoias, the largest and oldest trees in the world, in the Redwood National and State Parks of Californian far north.

The far northern coast of California, just dozens of miles off the Oregon border, is the home of Redwood National and State Parks that feature old-growth temperate rainforests. The four parks, together protect 45 percent of all remaining coast redwood (Sequoia Sempervirens) old-growth forests, totalling about 40 000 acres. These trees are the tallest, among the oldest, and one of the most massive tree species on Earth.

In addition to the redwood forests, the parks preserve other indigenous flora, fauna, grassland prairie, cultural resources, portions of rivers and other streams, and 37 miles (60 km) of pristine coastline.