Journey One / Chapter 11

Through the Caspian

November 2015

My 4 day long cruise from Azerbajian to Kazachstan through the Caspian Sea as a lone passanger on a cargo ship.

As I venture further towards central Asia, I take a boat trip on a cargo boat 'Azerbajian' through the Caspian Sea from Alat in Azerbajian to Aktau in Kazachstan. I have spent 4 days on the boat as the only passanger except 2 Poles and 2 georgian train operators. While the journey usually takes only about 1 day, due to bad winds and full port in Aktau it got prolonged into 4 days.

Being closed on the boat with essentially nothing to do and not being able to leave, with very basic meals offered 2 times a day, constant feel of the sea, cold and noise, this was one of the harder tests of endurance on my journey, through definitely still worth it, as for the experiens so for seeing beautiful sunsets over the Caspian.