Journey Four / Chapter 4

Sierra Nevada

August 2021

Exploration of the most famous mountain range in California, and its 2 majestic National Parks: The Yosemite and the Sequoia & Kings Canyon.

Our 3-month long road trip all around the USA has started. After getting the campervan in LA that will be our home for the next 3 months and staying our first night in a state park on the pacific coast north of NA, we head right into our first main destination: The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

First stop is the legendary Sequoia & Kings Canyon national park, that hosts some of the oldest Grand Sequoia groves in the world, including the most legendary indivdual trees like General Sherman, undoubtedly the largest tree on the planet. But beyond the sequoias, this park offers amazing trails among some of the most inspiring nature around.

And then we head to the legendary Yosemite Valley. And it is what we heard - a real piece of paradise. Check out the photos below to get a taste.