Journey Three / Chapter 40

Southern Japan

May 2019

From Naoshima to Shikoku Island, then back to Honshu to Hiroshima, fabled temples at Itsukushima and wondering around northern Kyushu.

In the last chapter of our travels though Japan, we finally head off the largest island of Honshu. First we head to a small island Naoshima in the Seto Inland Sea, known for modern art galleries and installations.

From there we head to Shikoku, the smallest of the main islands of Japan. After vising the fabled onsen at Matsuyama, we take a boat back to Honshu, directly to Hiroshima where we explore ground zero of the atomic catastrophe. And then just west of Hiroshima we head to a small islannd of Itsukushima, famous for its great tidal Torii gate and ancient buddhist monasteries.

Ultimately we head to Kyushu, the southernmost large Japanese island.