Journey Three / Chapter 39

Nara, Osaka and Himeji

May 2019

From Nara, where hundreds of deers roam among ancient wooden temples, through charismatic megalopolis of Osaka to the Himeji Castle, the most spectacular one in all of Japan.

From Kyoto we continue our trip to Nara, Japan's first permanent capital established in the year 710. Today Nara is mostly know as a seat of some of the most majestic Buddhist Temples in all of Japan, including the world-famous Todaiji temple. And its also home to thousands of deers!

From Nara we continue to Osaka, Japan's second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo, that has been the economic powerhouse of the Kansai Region for many centuries.

And just before heading to the Shikoku island we stop in Himeji, a place of the Hiimeji Castle, the most spectacular of all Japanese castles!