Journey Three / Chapter 6

Canterbury, Otago & Southland of New Zealand

October 2018

Roadtrip across the New Zealand counties Canterbury, Otago & Southland of South Island. Across volcanic hills and bays, deep into Southern Alps, peaceful southern coves and majestic Fjordlands.

Ahh, finally, the New Zealand. I was looking forward to get to this piece of paradise on the other side of the world since I was a little kid. Now I am finally here, free to explore and enjoy it to the fullest. We arrive directly to Christchurch, largest city of the South Island. After staying here for couple of days we head out to explore Banks Peninsula, which lies directly south of the city. The volcanic landform of Banks Peninsula feels juts like an island into the Pacific ocean, full of steep volcanoes, deep gorges and many natural bays and harbours.

Afterwards we head out for our roadrip around New Zealand. First we head south & inland, towards great central glacier lakes Tekapo & Pukaki. We drive up the valley of the latter one up to Aoraki National Park. The park lies in the central part of Southern Alps and hosts New Zealand's largest mountains, including Mt. Cook (the largest one), towards which we're heading. We manage to explore its surroundings, finding many glacier valleys with their glaciers retreating at the very ends.

After we had enough of the mountains (for now), we head even more South into Otago county. We stop in the city of Dundein with rich Scottish heritage and the only castle in New Zealand, and ride up the Otago Peninsula past the city. The Southlands, which start right past the city, start with Catlins National Park for us. We take a couple of days to explore its picturesque beaches, coves, waterfalls and lighthouses.

Ultimately we head back to the mountains - the Fjordlands National Park, the largest national park of New Zealand. From the lakeside town of Te Anau we head on fairytale-like journey along Milford Road up and down glacial valleys to finally arrive to Milford Sound, the most famous fjord here. And was it worth it! Why? See below in the gallery that is first of 2 parts of our explorations of South Island on New Zealand!