Journey One / Chapter 20


February 2016

Taiwan or Republic of China, relatively small island in South Chinese Sea, is the centre of Chinese democratic government in exile. As island both well endowed in natural beauty and technological development, it is well worth the visit.

Taipei, the booming capital of Taiwan, is modern and developed city and centre of cultural life in Taiwan. While its dominant is a unusual skyscraper known as Taipei 101, it is also known for many buddhist and chinese folk temples, chaotic night markets with all kinds of exotic food (save for stinky tofu which is better avoided).

While western coast of the island is fully developed continuous line of industrial cities with industry mostly focused on production of electronics, eastern coast and inland are mostly intact and feature number of beautiful beaches, mountains and national park, including the most famous one National Park Taroko that is located around deep gorge that almost seems to cut the island in two.