Journey One / Chapter 21


March 2016

Nation of thousands islands, exotic Philippines are my destination and last stop on the Journey One. Philippines - thats busking cities, lovely remote rice mountain villages and some of the most beautiful beaches on the Earth.

Most travellers will start Philippines of in its capital Manila, huge and busy metropolis. City busking with business during the day and crazy nightlife during the night, its always alive.

To escape Manilla mayhem, one may journey deeper into the inland of the main island, to find beautiful and sometime hidden mountain villages like Sagada, Banaue or Batad. Caves, Waterfalls, Forest hikes and picturesque Rice terraces - thats what you can find in this region.

Yet most visitors come to Philippines neither for its busking cities or lovely countryside. No - Most people come because of many of the golden sand beaches located on many of the tiny islands, one of which - Boracay - is the most famous, and known as one of the best beaches in the world.