North Malaysia

January 2019

Wanderings from Malay centre of tea & flower production Cameron Highlands to the unique island of Penanag with its cosmopolitan multicultural city of George Town.

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Sine Termino is online photographic blog documenting travels of young passionate photographer from Slovakia.

I have been travelling the Europe, Asia and Pacific regions extensively since 2013, often going on a several months long trips through many countries, visiting local landmarks, exploring local nature, engaging with local culture and people.

I try to mix in my photo blog reports from both more known and famous destinations with travels very off the beaten path in very remote regions of the world, sometimes places where seeing a traveler is very rate.

I am not trying to propagate these places but I hide nothing that I consider important. In my galleries I try to present honest overview of given locality and of my experiences when travelling.

I really hope that this resource will be useful as to fellow travellers, as to other photography enthusiasts.

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