Journey Three / Chapter 2

The Outback

September 2018

Travelling through the infamous heartland of Australia - the Outback. The infinite inner savannahs, steppes and deserts of Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia.

The Outback. Infinitely vast and infinitely remote. There are not many places on the world as remote as this. The open spaces that seem to stretch on forever tell the story of the exploration and development of this wide land, and reflect Australia’s pioneering spirit and unique identity.

We cross the Outback along some great trans-australian higways, mostly Great Savannah Way, Barkly Highway and the most famous Stuart Highway that cuts australian landmass in half. Traffic on these road is rare - and it is compossed mostly of long-distance travellers like us, some local farmers on trucks, and the infamous Road Trains and their Oversized vehicle cousins. These are the kings of the roads, as some road trains have up to 6 trailers with a length of above 50 meters.

We come to the outback in Queensland; We cross it through the Northern Territory and leave it in South Australia - it takes 3 states and 10 days to get through this enourmous area. Every day we pass mostly through few tiny sleepy towns, build either for mining or as a telegraph stations in the past. Only few of these grew big enough to be actually considered cities - like Mount Isa and Alice Springs. Others are much more obscure, like Coober Pedy, the curious opal capital of the world with all dwellings build underground, or Tenants Creek, which prides itself as a capital of UFO sightings.

Obviously the Outback is most famous among visitors for its natural wonders and spectacular unique wildlife. That will I share with you in the next chapter. There is so much character and uniqueness to this remote world that I wanted to share this side of it on its own - in this special chapter dedicated to the Outback as we saw it. Rugged and beautiful.