Journey Three / Chapter 3

The Red Centre

September 2018

The Red Desert in the middle of Australian continent is home to spectacular natural landscapes, rich aboriginal culture and extraordinary wildlife unlike anywhere else in the world.

Right in the midlle of vast Outback lies its flaming heart - the Red Centre. The hottest and driest part of Australia, while mostly composed of red rocks and sand, is far from being devoid of life. Quite the contrary - it is home to some of the most extraordinary and unique wildife in Australia, that you can easily see directly in the wild when wandering the region. If that's not enough, you can visit some of world-scale desert parks like the one in Alice Springs.

But what is the Red Centre really famous for is that it is a home to some of the most obscure and fascinating geological formations in the world. This includes West MacDonell National Park, the Kings Canyon, Kata Tjuta (also known as Walley of The Winds) and the Uluru. All of these formed over millions of years through unique geological processes, and have been centre of aboriginal communal and spiritual life for thousdant years before colonisation. Now we can experience their majesty too.