Journey Two / Chapter 17

Sri Lanka - The South

October 2016

Perhaps one of the most beautiful train rides in the world - the Kandy to Elle ride, plenty of tea plantations and some gems of the southern coast will dominate this Southern Sri Lankan travel story.

After we head out on the famous scenic Kandy-Elle ride, we soon learn what is the hype about. Shortly in ride city and suburban scenes are replaced with beautiful vistas of tea plantations, wild jungles, natural parks and beautiful nature, from time to time interrupted by tiny settlements. Taking this curving train through the hills of tea farmers is indeed unforgettable experience that is being enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

We take a break from the journey in the town of Nuwara Elyia, major tea processing centre of Sri Lanka - most of the big companies have their factories right here. We decide to visit one, see the growing process and experience tea straight at its source, before continuing on 2nd leg of the train ride to Elle, where we visit Little Adam’s Peak for yet more beautiful vistas.

Ultimately we arrive to southern coast of Sri Lanka, dominated by beautiful beaches, with a rare sight of stilt fishing - unique but disappearing tradition. One of our last destinations is coastal city of Galle, known for its colonial history.