Journey Two / Chapter 18

Southern Thailand

November 2016

Is it possible to find some worthy sights that are not completely spoiled by western tourism in this over-travelled area? Let's find out in our brief but rich visit to Southern Thailand's provinces of Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi.

As Phuket in itself is a famous tourist destination with crowded bars & beaches, one would think that it would be difficult to find actually interesting natural & cultural sights in this overcrowded area of Thailand. But when you start to look properly, you will find that it is actually one of the richest regions for adventures. Amazing island formations, pristine remote unspoiled beached, beautiful Wats - Buddhist Temples around every corner (and some of them even in a cave) and remote fishing villages largely unspoiled by modern tourism are gifts to any traveller that decides to go little beyond the usual crowded resorts.

There are three parts - main locations to this gallery presenting some of Southern's Thailand worthy views. One is of the island Phuket itself, and two of island areas close to it. The first one is area around Phi Phi Islands & Krabi bay, well known for aforementioned pristine beaches mixing with dramatic cliffs in its thousands islands of all sizes and shapes.

Other one is the province of Phang Nga, which offers mostly just yet more beautiful islands in a natural reserve. Through visit to Ko Panyi Island, a fishing village notable for being built on stilts by Indonesian fishermen was one of the lucky gems a traveller can find. Tiny island almost whole covered by stilt houses whose population of 360 families descended from two seafaring Muslim families from Java is well worth the visit.