Journey Three / Chapter 32

Sichuan Province

April 2019

Giant Buddha of Leshan, journey up to the holy Mt. Emei, cosmopolitan city of Chengdu and Panda sanctuary, and odd megalopolis of Chongqing.

Last chapter of our travels through China takes place in inland Sichuan Province. Situated at the foothills of Himalayas, this province is famous for much more than its food. Our first stop is Leshan, location of the pehaps most famous buddha statue in the world. Just few kilometers away is holy buddhist Mt. Emei, which we decided to walk down from the very top.

We spend our final days in china in big cities of Chengdu, which is locatiton of the famous Giant Panda Breeding Centre, and Chongqing (province-level city), where old and new China mix like nowhere else.