Journey Three / Chapter 31

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

March 2019

Getting to the top of one of the most mystical mountains of Yunnnan, and then experiencing marvellous culutural extravaganza just under it.

We start our day at 5am to catch an early transport to the base of the mystical Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, standing proudly over the city of Lijiang with its top peak at 5,596 m. First we get as high as we are allowed to the elevation 4600 m to marvel at the beautiful mountainous landscape from the top.

Later that day, after exploring surrounding valleys, lakes and waterfalls, we rather unexpectedly run into somethinng that turned out to be one of the best cultural experiences of our lives. Impression Lijiang is a magnificent outdoor singing and dancing performance demonstrating the tradition and lifestyle of the local ethnic people. It is another creation of famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou. Around 500 local ethnic Naxi, Bai and Yi people were selected from nearby towns and villages to participate in the performance. They dress up in their ethnic costumes and accessories to perform the singing and dancing, horse riding and drumming, presenting real ethnic atmosphere to the show.