Journey Three / Chapter 16

North Malaysia

January 2019

Wanderings from Malay centre of tea & flower production Cameron Highlands to the unique island of Penanag with its cosmopolitan multicultural city of George Town.

Second part of our wanderings around Malaysia are devoted to the two special locations on the north of the peninsula, close to Thailand's borders. First of them is Cameron Highlands, named after William Cameron, a British expedition leader. Because of the perfect climate it was very suitable for cultivating tea, and the Cameron Highlands soon grew out to be the biggest tea region of Malaysia. Even nowadays primary purpose of this hilly area is tea cultivation, with several large and many smaller plantations dotting the landscape. In addition to tea, lot of other plants are being cultivated, especially fruits and flowers, with many greenhouses and fields dedicated to this purpose.

Afterwards we head to the island of Penang, headed by cosmopolitan multicultural city of George Town. As Melaka, George Town is also famous for its colonial history. But what makes George Town to stand out is its history of chinese clans that dominated local trade for centuries, with their clan houses, jetties and whole neighbourhoods.