Journey Three / Chapter 17

Sailing Irrawaddy from Mandalay

February 2019

We begin our adventure through Burma (Myanmar) in the ancient royal city and past capital of Mandalay, and then sail down its primary life-giving vein since the ancient times - the Irrawaddy river.

The ancient and wonderful Burma lies deep within each adventurer's heart. The unique mix of fascinating culture, turbulent history, deep buddhist tradition, outstanding hospitality and plethora of both cultural and natural wonders make this a unlimate travel destination. We consider ourselves lucky that after years of dreaming we too managed to explore this unique country in Southeast Asia. And we bring you detailed 5-chapter long report on the life and highlights of travelling in Burma, starting below with the first one.

We have arrived straight into Mandalay, which is not current capital, but it used to be the Royal City before colonisation by the British. Still preserving lot of its charm with the Royal Palace and literally hundreds of temples and pagodas contrasted with modern-like hash-shaped street layout, it is sure to stun on the first sight.

We have only few short days to explore it, as soon we have to board a ferry down the Irrawaddy River. Lot of countries have whole cultures build around their primary river, but its rare to find the connection of the people to their ancient source of water and transportation so deep as in Burma. Irrawaddy is Burma and Burma is Irrawaddy, and to understand the country you must sail at least a part of it. So we head out on a 10 hour slow journey from Mandalay to ancient Bagan. And what we saw along the road? See below!