Journey Three / Chapter 29

Yunnan Province, South of Colorful Clouds

March 2019

Travelling North through the Chinese province of Yunnan. From Hekou and Kunming towards ancient cities of Dali and Lijiang.

After leaving Vietnam, we have crossed over to China via a pedestrian land bridge connecting Lao Cai with Hekou. Afer lot of confusion and moving between train and bus stations in Hekou we finally managed to board a train towards Kunming, capital of the Yunnan Province.

After few days rest in modern Kunming, we head out north towards two famous ancient cities of Yunnan. First one was ancient city of Dali, lying on a beautiful lake and famous for its great city walls, hexagonal structure and majestic pagodas. Afterwards we head up to the ancient city of Lijiang, right at the foot of Himalayas. Great ancient city composed out of hundreds of little streets is still existing virtually unchanged for hundreds of years, right below majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.