Journey Four / Chapter 15

Upstate NY & New England

October 2021

From the famous Niagara Falls and Lake George in the update NY through Vermont and NH to Maine, and then down the coast to Boston, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Ah, the restful and colourful days of northern US fall are upon us. We start our journey through Upstate New York on the famous Niagara Falls, and then continue through those picturesque towns to lake George where we rest for a few days. Then we head through Vermont and NH to Maine to little sleepy beach town Old Orchard Beach, where we have the longest pause on our US roadtrip right in the middle of it - 5 days of rest!

As we start second half of this epic road trip we start making our way down the east coast. First stop - Boston and Harvard University. Then we continue down to Rhode Island and its famous town Newport, home to many famous gilded age mega-villas, including famous The Breakers, known from the Great Gatsby story.

Then we pick up the pace and stop at the Yale university in New Haven before heading down to the NYC.