Journey Four / Chapter 1


August 2021

Start of our Trans-american journey, oddly right in the middle. The Panamá. The ultimate meeting point of South & North America, of the Atlantic and the Pacific.

Due to a set of coincidences our trans American journey doesn't start in the States as originally planned, but in the Panamá - the Central American isthmus country that connects the two Americas together. It also connects the two oceans - the Atlantic and the Pacific - with the famous Panama Canal.

Our journey starts in the capital Panama City, a modern capital with hundreds of skyscrapers in its CBD. We are renting a car here and start our overland journey through the country. First we journey along the Panama Canal to the Gamboa Rainforest, full of howling monkeys and 100s of other exotic species.

We continue our journey up north via the famous volcano crater town El Valle De Anton. Then we get back to the Pacific coast and we visit couple of beaches along it. Ultimately after reaching David, the 2nd largest city of Panama, we head north through the mountains to Almirante, where we are taking a ferry to the infamous Bocas Del Toro islands.