Journey Four / Chapter 7

The Pacific Northwest

September 2021

From the borders of mystical ancient Crater Lake and Oregon forests, through the grand cities of Pacific northern coast towards wild inland, the Idaho Panhandle and into Montana.

We start our journey through Pacific Northwest region in southern Oregon. Despite spending days in forests covered with smoke from Californian wildfires, the visit to the legendary Crater Lake is unforgettable. Native Americans witnessed its formation 7,700 years ago, when a violent eruption triggered the collapse of a tall peak.

We continued inland through the Diamond Lake and Bend towards Mt. Hood, a legendary volcano of Oregon and then to Portland, the state's capital. Just a short trip from the neighbouring Washington state and a quick side trip the cousin volcano Mt. Ranier, we head to Seattle.

After unsuccessful attempt to cross the Canadian Borders due to COVID we regroup in the Deception Pass state park for a few days, coming out with a replacement plan - and soon we head into inland Washington, through North Cascades National Park inlands to Coulee City, Spokane, the Idaho Panhandle and right into the western Montana.