Journey One / Chapter 3


September 2015

Second only to Monunt Athos, this is one of the largest important Monastery complexes in Greek Orhodoxy, situated on natural sandsone pillars in the central Greece. Place where nature and spirit meet in its finest.

In the central region of Greece lies historical monsatic complex known as Meteora. Meteora means 'middle in the sky'. It is composed of number of large and small monasteries situated on great sandstone pillars, and therfore is a marvel both culturally and naturally.

We set on exploring it from top to bottom, starting with greatest monastic complex known as Grand Meteora, and continuing to visit and marvel on smaller, but not less impressive monasteries on our way down. Great history follows these monasteries, and even more legends do. Some of the monasteries are still being used as of today, while others have different uses now, and unfortunately few did not survived until this day.