Journey Two / Chapter 1

Kathmandu To Chitwan

July 2016

The start of Second Journey is also my second visit to Nepal. Briefly we visited some of the few places that can be visited in full Monsoon - Earthquake damaged villages in hills around Kathmandu; and rich-for-wildlife Chitwan National park.

After few months break, I start my new journey in Nepal, a country I have already fallen in love with 4 years ago when I stayed here for 3 months. My current stay is unfortunately much shorter - just 2 weeks, most of which are spent with arranging visa for India. In the remaining days we managed to attempt Nargakot trek, relatively easy trekking route in hills around Nepal. Nevertheless due to heavy Monsoon, destroyed infrastructure due to 2015 Earthquake we managed only to get as far as heavily destroyed village of Chisopani.

But just few days before we left the country to India, and already halfway there, we managed to visit Chitwan National Park, a full-blown jungle which is home to amazing wildlife, including tigers, rhinos, wild elephants, spotted and barking deers, water buffaloes, crocodiles and incredible amounts of various avians among many others. The very existence and prosperity of the park is dependent on the tourism, as most of funds for its running and preservation come from very popular Elephant Safari, which in Chitwan is the most animal and eco friendly elephant safaris in the world. The adjacent Elephant breeding centre also belongs to the best of its kind.