Journey One / Chapter 9

Ancient Armenia

October 2015

Short peek into the ancient city of Yerevan under biblical Mount Ararat and grand lake Sevan with its number of medieval Armenian Monasteries.

I have peeked into Armenia with a night train from Tbilisi to Yerevan for couple of days. Yerevan, also known as the pink city, offers many sights and marvellous architecture, including thorough and unique soviet urban planning of the street layout. National Opera, Yerevan Cascade and Manuscripts archive are few of many sights offered in Yerevan.

I take small detour from Yerevan to visit Lake Sevan, greatest lake in the Caucassian region. A known resort in the summer, through my inerests are different - exploring number of ancient monasteries in the region, in one which I was lucky enough to witness sermon of ancients Armenian Aphostolic Church.