Journey One / Chapter 7

Central Anatolia

October 2015

Travels through central and eastern parts of Turkey, including amazing region of Cappadocia, the canyon in Zelve valley, and cities and towns on Turkey's Black Sea coast.

My first stop in cental Turkey is area of Cappadocia, a region of exceptional natural wonders, in particular characterized by fairy chimneys and human dwellings set inside of these chimneys, or under ground. I explore several valleys including Goreme valley, Love Valley and Zelve valley, all featuring dwellings set into stone and inhabited for many centuries until recently. AFter exploring 2 additional underground cities I set of to valley of Ihlara, set in a deep canyon.

After cappadocia I head towards the Black sea coast of Turkey, passing through beautiful mountain town of Amasya. Just before leaving the turkey I pay a visit to ancient Sumela monastery, that is build into a rock face and survived for many centuries.