Journey Four / Chapter 32

Comuna 13, Medellin

December 2021

Just recently one of the world's most dangerous and violent neighbourhoods that turned 180 a decade ago. Now an and coming busting art scene full of graffiti, street art, music and Colombian culture.

Comuna 13 used to be the most dangerous and violent neighbourhood in Medellin, a Colombian city infamous for its violence in the past. From 80s until early 2000s it was a home to various gangs, rebel forces and paramilitary units permanently fighting with each other.

However, in late 2000s after series of massive police raids, the neighbourhood started to turn over. Now more than a decade later, it is a busting art scene full of graffiti, street art and music, small galleries of local art, local street fashion stores and cozy cafes.

There are 6 series of outdoor escalators that help people move up and down the steep neighbourhood and there are several cable cars connected to the neighbourhood that form a backbone of Medellin public transport system.